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This is The Double Album(Deluxe Edition) Featuring me at ages 6, 20, 24, 25, 28, along with my fellow musical explorers-Victor Bisetti, Fitzhugh Jenkins, Don Rowlands, Will Bernard (The Rainbow Quartet) Tommy Dunbar, Bob Robles, Johnny Miller, Jason Keene, my Aunt Bee Walker, a guest appearance by my brother Jeff, and even a rare outtake from my Dad's unfinished musical mixed with some spoken word/free improv recorded in the Psychedelic Dungeon of our cottage in Silver Lake plus special material recorded in 1984/85 on my Lo-Fi Montgomery Ward boom box at Skippy's Golden Gopher in Monterey Park Ca. and some selections from my 1985-Pop Dream sessions. Available exclusively as a free download right here. 

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Above is a special collection of my favorite trio recordings featuring The Thursday Trio featuring Ramon Pooser(Acoustic Bass) and Mike Hinton(Drums) and The Monday Trio Featuring Bill Hatcher(6 String Electric Bass Guitar) and Joel Morris(Drums and recording)  Both of these trio albums "Thursday"(1998) and "Monday" (2003) are out of print and are available as free downloads exclusively right here. Enjoy!

J.G.-Piano, Keys, Vocals, Bass-Sam Skelton-Reeds-Bob Lewis-Trombone-Mike Hinton-Drums-Peter Grant-Drums-Gary Land-Bass-Fred Crosby-Vocals-Petro Bass-Percussion-Jody Mayfield- Keys-Recorded in 1999 and 2000.

Written by Brian Wilson. Available on all streaming outlets.

I had the honor of co-writing a bunch of this album with Bruce as well as playing Piano, Left Hand Bass, and Electric Sitar. Available on all streaming outlets.

It was a thrill to participate in this session at East West Studios (Formerly Western Studios) in Hollywood Ca. with David and an all-star band. Recorded in 2010.

Jez/Jazz and Jez/Pop are out now!

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